The Christian Church & Covid-19

The entire planet is exercising a social distancing and quarantine program of some kind. Here in the U.S. only essential businesses such as drive thru restaurants, medical facilities, gas stations, and groceries stores, are permitted to remain open for business. Non-essential businesses such as shopping malls, sports arenas, and movie theaters have been labeled as hotspots and asked to close in order to slow the spread of Covid19.

37 U.S. States have declared places of worship to be non-essential and asked them to close their doors for the safety of the communities they serve. The response from church leadership to these mandatory closings have been mixed. Some religious leaders willingly complied and moved worship services to online formats while others refused to make any substantial changes at all. The latter continue to hold regular services and special gatherings in protest of the order to close their doors for one of four reasons.

  1. Places of worship are miscategorized by the state as non-essential. These pastors believe the church is crucial to the mental and spiritual health of the communities they serve.

  2. The constitution does not allow the government to hinder the people’s rights to freedom of religion and practice.

  3. The Corona virus is a weapon of mass destruction administered by Satan therefore the church is in a time of spiritual warfare. All faithful soldiers of Christ are obligated to serve their God and fight through prayer and fearless living.

  4. This virus is an expression of the wrath of God in an attempt to have sinners turn from their wicked ways and seek redemption. Large scale corporate worship is the only way to appease God in order to regain Gods favor and a sense of normalcy.

Blame it on The Devil

The idea that the Corona virus is Satan’s weapon of mass destruction to judge, convict and execute the believer for their faith and service to God is interesting. Kenneth Copeland believes the presence of Covid19 is an affirmation of spiritual warfare between the forces of good and evil and Christians are called to the battlefield to fight in the name of God. Mr. Copeland recently went on air retaliating with a blow directed at the virus itself and Satan, the force that wills it.

In the manner of a true heartless general, Copeland stationed himself safely outside the battlefield standing confidently in an empty well sterilized sanctuary praying dramatically and shouting at times with a villainous smile. He then physically blew what he called, “the breath of God,” on the Corona virus accomplishing in just a few quick seconds what the worlds scientist have been unable to do for months, rid the planet of Covid19 forever.

Copeland also proclaimed to have the power to heal his followers that were infected with COVID19 and instructed them to continue paying tithes despite the present economic climate. Now believing the Corona virus has been destroyed, the approximate 600,000 people in 132 countries that look to Copeland for direction may be rejecting safety protocols put in place to protect them. So, in essence Mr. Copeland has sent his beloved congregants out into what he believes to be an active battlefield during a time of spiritual warfare, disarmed and blindfolded. Who is the enemy of these Christians now, Satan or Copeland.

I’m curious, how much power and authority do these Christian leaders apply to Satan?

What is the purpose of the church? Is it to build up or oppress, to liberate or make and keep captive blind religious slaves? The church is supposed to be a place of enlightenment, to be enriched, to gain insight for life and its challenges, to discover who and what you are, to meet God and to introduce God to others.

According to the Bible his attack on Job was predicated by specific instruction and support from God (Job 1:6-12). If Christians believe Satan has the authority, ability, and jurisdiction to freely murder them acting outside the sovereignty of God than what is the purpose of fighting for God in spiritual warfare? Giving that much potential to Satan means that God can talk good but when it comes down to making some real things happen it’s out of God’s hands because God doesn’t control the narrative. Let’s not forget that Christians are not the only believers losing their lives to this virus. We have lost Muslims, Buddhist, Atheists, Jewish, Hindu, and the spiritually indifferent as well.

If We Straighten Up God Will Heal the Land

If Covid19 is a manifestation of the wrath of God for the repentance of the people, what kind of God does that? Sounds more like a supervillain than God to me. Where is the loving God, where is the slow to anger God, the God with the wisdom to do all things, the God with the ability to make all things possible and to make anything happen, the compassionate God, the God of unconditional love, the God of the lost, the needy, the weak, the powerless, and the oppressed. The only way God could make people behave is to terrorize, intimidate, and threaten them? Why would God be forced to act in such a desperate manner as if God had no other choice?

God is sovereign and is fully aware of the issues we are currently experiencing with Covid19. God is not the dispenser nor the generator of the virus for the purpose of getting what God wants. Only a deeply insane person would kill their children when they are acting